Researchers are studying virus behavior and structure, designing vaccines and developing a mouse model to test potential drugs and vaccines. Clinical drug trials are also underway. Find more COVID-19 research news on the School of Medicine website.

Study: Asthma and severe COVID-19

A new WashU Med study adds to a growing body of evidence indicating that people with asthma are not at increased risk of severe COVID-19.

Plans underway for pediatric COVID-19 vaccine trials

Washington University pediatric infectious diseases doctors plan to launch clinical trials this spring to evaluate COVID-19 vaccines in children. An online registry is available for families interested in enrolling their children.

Symposium: COVID-19 and women’s health

A virtual symposium Sept. 11 is open to the general public, scientists and global and public health professionals interested in learning about the impact of COVID-19 on women’s lives. Registration is required.