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Clinics provide antibody therapy for COVID patients

BJC HealthCare offers monoclonal antibody therapy through four clinic locations:

  • Parkview Tower (PDF) on the Medical Campus
  • Missouri Baptist Medical Center Outpatient Center in Sunset Hills
  • Memorial Hospital Belleville
  • Boone Hospital Center in Columbia

The clinics offer bamlanivimab, a monoclonal antibody infusion therapy for COVID-19 patients under an Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA (PDF). The monoclonal antibody therapy is administered through outpatient infusion and is indicated for high-risk outpatients who are early in their symptom presentation and not receiving oxygen related to their COVID-19 diagnosis. The program allows for patients to be referred by all BJC, Washington University, Physician Services Agreement (PSA) and Community Connect providers.

Unlike BJC’s other monoclonal antibody clinics, the Parkview Tower clinic offers treatment for all COVID-19 patients requiring infusions, including oncology patients, solid organ transplant patients, and patients who require treatments that cannot be delayed until they are no longer symptomatic. This location offers weekend hours on Saturdays 2 – 6 pm.

Infographic: What are monoclonal antibodies? (PDF)