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External observers

The School of Medicine is temporarily suspending all external observer activities at WUSM. This applies to observers of any capacity outside of Washington University School of Medicine, including high school students, college students (including Washington University students), medical students/residents from other medical schools, and other health care professionals. This does not apply to Washington University medical students. 

While clearly essential to the school’s overall reputation as a welcoming and world-class institution, observers are not essential to the overall mission, particularly at this uncertain time. Additionally, we have significant difficulty centrally tracking observers including where they have recently traveled prior to their arrival (an issue that is actively being worked on). If you currently have an observer, you should suspend this activity immediately.

Additionally, you should advise any planned observers over the next few months that we will not be able to accept them. The duration of this interim action will depend on how the COVID-19 issues play out over the next few weeks/months.