COVID-19 testing guidelines for GI procedures

new guidance document indicates that pre-procedural COVID-19 testing does not need to be performed on asymptomatic patients undergoing upper and lower GI procedures at the following facilities: Barnes-Jewish HospitalBarnes-Jewish West County Hospital and the South County Center for Advanced Medicine. There are no changes to guidance for GI procedures at other locations.

Important to note:

  • Asymptomatic patients undergoing upper and lower GI procedures do not need pre-procedural COVID-19 testing. 
  • Testing should be performed on any patient at these three facilities who fails a COVID symptom screening (which includes any patient from a congregate living facility).
  • Testing also can be performed on a patient who cannot provide a history (i.e., a patient with dementia). 
  • If a patient is determined to need testing, thorough pre-procedural COVID-19 symptom testing at two time points (several days prior to the procedure as well as the day of procedure) will be key to ensuring that all team members have minimized exposure to COVID-19.