Health experts offer Thanksgiving advice

In a recent STAT news article about Thanksgiving gatherings, Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said his own daughters will not be coming home for the holiday. He suggests others give serious consideration to the possibility of exposure before planning get-togethers.

“I think people are going to have to evaluate the level of risk that they want to take, particularly in families in which you have grandpa and grandma and elderly individuals who are going to be vulnerable,” he said.

Although public health experts continue to caution against family gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans — weary from restrictions and eager to connect with loved ones — will choose to come together this Thanksgiving.

Multiple experts offered advice for those who do. Gatherings, they say, should be small and made up only of people who take similar precautions to avoid infection, including quarantining and mask-wearing. Risk can be further minimized by driving instead of flying, and limiting the number of people involved. Celebrating with only those in your “COVID bubble” and joining others virtually remains the safest

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention holiday guidelines also
recommend assessing the current COVID-19 levels in your community to
determine whether to postpone, cancel or limit the number of attendees at your gathering.

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