MO/Notify app notifies you if you’re exposed

Faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to use MO/Notify, a COVID-19 exposure notification app available to all Missourians. The system uses the same privacy-protecting technology in use in over 25 other states. Using Bluetooth technology already running on your phone, and without tracking your location, MO/Notify anonymously logs which devices you’ve been near. If you later test positive, you can send an anonymous alert to let others know they should isolate and get tested, even if you don’t know them.

Google and Apple recently added a new feature to the notification system that allows users to confidentially enter their own positive test results. Previously, only testing sites or public health entities could provide the verification link required to add positive test results in the system. The change was made to account for infections detected during home testing, as more COVID-19 tests have become available for people to use at home. While the exposure notifications are free to use, they only work if people voluntarily opt in to using the system.

Learn how to get the MO/Notify app on your phone

Supervisors, please help disseminate this information to staff who may not regularly access email.