Question of the week: How can we celebrate Halloween safely?

The City of St. Louis Department of Health has released a set of health and safety protocols to ease COVID-19 fears this Halloween. In addition to wearing masks at all times and using hand sanitizer frequently, trick-or-treaters should carefully navigate neighborhoods — avoiding overcrowded streets — in groups of up to six people who live in the same household. Children must thoroughly wash their hands before consuming candy. Homeowners wanting
to participate are advised to wash their hands before placing prepackaged,
individually wrapped candy or treats at the front of their lawns or driveways,
preferably on a table.

The city guidelines also offer tips for lower-risk activities such as trunk-or-treating, virtual parties, hayrides and scavenger hunts. High-risk activities including inperson parties, large school events and indoor haunted houses should be avoided.

By following necessary preventive measures, we can celebrate Halloween while protecting our own health as well as that of our families and our larger community.