Safely dispose of medications in “take back” bin

Now you can safely and conveniently dispose of medications you no longer need at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The pharmacy team has placed a self-service, medication “take back” bin in the first-floor lobby near the security

Controlled substances, other prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications — including liquids — are allowed. Please store medications in a sealed container to prevent leaking or damage. Sharp objects (used or unused needles) or illicit drugs such as marijuana and heroin cannot be accepted.

The bin will remain in place 24/7 through October, and is also available to patients and their families. At this time Missouri regulations prohibit medication collection locations beyond the hospital.

“Having unneeded medications in the home can be incredibly dangerous,” said Lacey Rodgers, Pharm.D. “For smaller children, medications are a common cause of accidental drug overdoses. Getting unneeded medications out of the home helps reduce the risk of unintentional overdose in these children. It is also vitally important that we limit adolescent access to potential drugs of abuse.”

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