Please remember that these guidelines are subject to rapid change due to new information.

As a supervisor/manager what are my responsibilities?

  • Regularly observe personnel PPE practices (appropriate wear/use) and physical distancing. Provide in the moment coaching as needed to promote compliance with current campus safety procedures.
  • Provide support to your team members (mental health resources etc.) as needed.
  • Restrict the number of personnel permitted in office and lab common areas at one time. See current campus safety procedures for more detail on gatherings and using shared spaces.
  • Direct personnel to follow food and drink guidance while they are eating and drinking and to follow distancing guidelines in common areas.

What should I do if someone under my supervision (faculty, staff or trainee) thinks they have been exposed or is ill?

I am a manager and my employee or student has expressed a health concern about returning to the workplace, what do I do?

If an employee or student has health or safety concerns about returning to on campus activities because they are in a vulnerable population, managers should consult with their HR Employee Relations consultant or Student Health as appropriate. These offices will engage with the individual to educate them about the University’s existing return-to-campus safety protocols and, if necessary, to explore potential accommodations beyond those protocols. The University’s process for assessing and approving reasonable accommodations can be found at

This is a process guided by Human Resources, Employee Relations or Student health and involves input from all parties. Managers should not attempt to delve into the specifics of an employee or student’s medical condition or try to assess the risk.