WashU Med rolls back some mitigation measures

WashU Med continues to closely monitor COVID-19 transmission in the community and on the Medical Campus. In response to a decline in case numbers, the following safety protocols have changed:

  • In-person social events or parties on the Medical Campus and university-sponsored social events off campus are allowed. 
    • Masking is required when indoors, optional when outdoors but recommended in crowds or large groups. There are no distancing requirements.
  • Food and drink may be served at outdoor events. Food and drink can be served at indoor events with less than 30 people with increased spacing whenever possible. Indoor events with more than 30 people may not serve food or drink.
  • Washington University undergraduate and graduate students from both campuses may shadow providers in the clinical environment beginning in April.
  • Speakers in auditoriums or other venues where the speaker is at least 6 feet away from the audience may unmask to speak, but should re-mask whenever near others.

Learn more about campus safety procedures.

These rules may change as disease activity changes and CDC guidelines and science advance, including potential return to more restricted guidance based on local conditions.