WashU Med to ease masking requirements on Medical Campus

Due to sustained reduced incidence of COVID-19, influenza and respiratory viral illness, WashU Medicine and BJC HealthCare have decided to ease masking requirements on the Medical Campus, including clinical settings and common areas. Effective Wednesday, March 22, masking will be situational for employees and optional for patients and visitors/families.

Employees will still be required to wear a mask to comply with:

  • Transmission-based precautions (i.e., isolation signs, isolation policy)
  • Occupational Health COVID requirements (i.e., cleared to work but still symptomatic, on return to work after COVID infection, recent household contact with COVID infection)
  • Stated request by patient of clinician/employee providing care

Masking and personal protective equipment (PPE) are still required for the care of patients who are positive or suspected positive for COVID-19.

To reduce transmission of infectious diseases in the workplace, masking will be strongly encouraged and recommended for employees, patients and visitors:

  • Showing signs or symptoms of respiratory illness (e.g., fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat)
  • With a recent known exposure to someone with a respiratory infection

All employees – whether vaccinated or vaccine-exempt – are still expected to self-assess for signs or symptoms of illness and to contact the Occupational Health Exposure/Illness Hotline at 314-362-5056 if symptoms are present for evaluation of respiratory illness before coming to work. Those with vaccine exemptions and no symptoms will still need to wear a mask throughout the workday or document self-assessment before coming to work each day. The assessment can be done using the WashU Med online screening tool.

WashU Med and BJC will continue to monitor respiratory virus activity and adapt strategies as needed.

Visit the Faculty Practice Plan website to learn more.