Work-related travel restricted for health-care workers

As COVID-19 hospital admissions continue to grow and many clinical faculty, trainees and staff are simultaneously impacted by COVID-19 personally, WashU Med has made the difficult decision to restrict all work-related travel for health-care workers to ensure we can adequately care for our patients. Health-care workers are defined as individuals who work in a clinic or hospital and CANNOT work entirely remotely.

This restriction does not apply to personal travel, nor does it apply to non-health-care workers. Personal travel restrictions for health-care workers are distributed daily from the WashU Faculty Practice Plan (FPP) and currently are at the yellow level, which means health-care workers must be able to return to St. Louis within 24 hours. If you have a unique circumstance, please discuss it with your department or division head.

Please note that some departments are appropriately requiring more stringent limitations on personal travel to meet the pressing clinical needs. Those more stringent requirements supersede the FPP status.

“We understand and know how exhausting the pandemic and this new surge have been for all of us; that is why we have waited as long as possible before resorting to this decision,” said Eva Aagaard, MD, interim director of Occupational Health. “Thank you for your truly remarkable resilience and dedication to our shared purpose in caring for neighbors and our communities.”