To access the WashU campus-access screening tool, you will need to initiate WashU Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

On a smartphone or tablet

  1. Enroll in WashU 2FA (if you have not already done so) using the WashU 2FA enrollment wizard.
  2. Make sure you have Duo installed on your mobile phone or tablet
    1. Install the Duo Mobile App on your device (free in the App store)
    2. Link your WashU 2FA Account with Duo Mobile on your device
    3. Select your preferred method of authentication approval (ie. push notification, text, or phone call)
  3. Log in to the WashU system as usual with your WUSTL Key ID and password
  4. Verify your identity using the enrolled device linked to your WashU 2FA account. You may have to toggle between Duo and the WashU Screening Tool.


Contact the WashU IT Service Desk at 314-933-3333 or visit WashU IT’s comprehensive 2FA instructions.