Heading back to campus? Here’s what you need to know.

1. Complete your online safety training.

Everyone — even those who have been working on campus as essential personnel — must complete a required training module on Learn@Work. Please complete this required Learn@Work training module so that you understand the COVID-19 guidelines for safely working on campus. Your health and well-being and that of the School of Medicine community are a top priority.

2. Get your parking squared away.

If you need to reinstate your parking or want to make any other changes to your parking situation, be sure to make arrangements ahead of time.

Find out the latest on parking »

3. Know what’s required to enter the campus.

Be sure you know what to do and what to wear before you come to work each day.

Review campus entry requirements »

4. Follow campus safety procedures.

New safety procedures are in place regarding how we interact with each other and use shared spaces.

Learn about campus safety procedures »

5. Know the procedures for your workgroup.

Your management team will provide procedures for your laboratory, office or other workspace. Be sure you understand them, and ask for clarification if you need it.

Research personnel
Check the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research for return-to-work procedures related to research.

6. Prepare your office.

Check out WashU IT’s guides for reassembling your computer equipment after working from home. Reach out to the Service Desk for assistance (314-933-3333 or ithelp@wustl.edu) if you need help.