In non-clinical spaces

Visitors may be on campus in non-clinical spaces including research labs and clinical research spaces. Visitors are also allowed for speaking/educational events on the Medical Campus.

In clinical spaces

The following visitors may return to clinical spaces:

  • High school shadowing experiences. 
  • Undergraduate students from both campuses may shadow providers in the clinical environment.
  • Health professional students and graduate students at Washington University School of Medicine and other Washington University clinically oriented graduate programs (i.e. graduate engineering students or social work students working in the clinical environment as part of their core training rotations) are not considered visitors. 
  • Health professional students and residents/fellows from affiliates with a formal MOU/PLA are allowed for either formal rotations or shadowing if incorporated in the MOU/PLA. 
  • Medical students from outside of Washington University are allowed for formal rotations for credit but must apply and be approved for a visiting rotation through VSAS to manage total clinical volumes.
  • Visiting faculty are allowed.