Your COVID-19 questions: March 3, 2022

Editor’s note: These questions were submitted to an email address that has been retired.

Thank you for continuing to send us your questions about vaccinations, testing, WashU Med COVID-19 policies and other ways the school is responding to the pandemic. Please keep in mind that we might not be able to answer all questions submitted. You must continue to call the COVID-19 Exposure/Illness Hotline at 314-362-5056 to report a positive test and get advice directly from Occupational Health. For questions about your personal medical situation, please consult your physician.

Is the booster recommended if you have had the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

Yes, a booster with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines is recommended if you have previously been fully immunized with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
— Eva Aagaard, MD, senior administrator for occupational health

Visit the WashU Med coronavirus website for the latest policy information.

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